What do yall think of this random drawing?

2022.01.25 08:37 ComradeBraixen2nd What do yall think of this random drawing?

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2022.01.25 08:37 nickyBoyDang Priscila Neves

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2022.01.25 08:37 cbvv1992 🔥23% Price Drop – $2.99 Kate Aspen Ceramic Sugar Bowl, Spice and Everything Nice, White!!

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2022.01.25 08:37 Juulkatsuki got super lucky today.

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2022.01.25 08:37 Furorarushaki Finished product of the Collab thank you to everyone who participated

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2022.01.25 08:37 Warm_Entrepreneur_83 Brake lights

I’m in a problem right now with my 95 hardbody the rear brake lights don’t work but the one right behind the cab does. What could this be I’ve checked the fuses all of them are good. It could be the bulbs but I doubt both of them would go out at the same time. Any ideas what it could be? What’s throwing me off is that the third brake light right behind the cab works but the rest don’t.
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2022.01.25 08:37 abhigang729 Epic Twitter thread

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2022.01.25 08:37 Sad_Temperature_9260 Am I the only person from Czech republic that bought the N plush

I am not sure if I was the only person from Czech republic that bought the N plush
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2022.01.25 08:37 dave1684 How Long is His Arm

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2022.01.25 08:37 saladfingiez Nipple piercing advice?

So i had my nipples pierced early last year but they didnt go as planned, one was pierced too deep into the areola and the other kept getting irritated so i removed both of them. I think the main cause of the irritation was my fluctuating nipples - they regularly change size during the day depending on the weather. Mine are generally flat and fade into the areola but when im cold they become really small and looks completely different. I really want to get them pierced again but im worried they will be problematic. Has anyone else gotten their nipples pierced with the same issue? Is there a way to heal a nipple piercing even though my nipple itself changes in size and shape regularly?
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2022.01.25 08:37 elianajack731 Making Plans for Your Parents’ Wedding Anniversary

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2022.01.25 08:37 KORMASTER 英語で おねがいします

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2022.01.25 08:37 ThalesMonteiroART Realistic draw

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2022.01.25 08:37 northernbloke_501 [Casual] Workout App User Research

Hi everyone! I'm a budding user experience designer and for my latest project I'm working on an app that lets you track your workouts and learn new exercises to try.
I'm really glad to be a part of this community and I'd really appreciate if you could take a few minutes to fill out the survey below. Essentially I'm looking to gain some idea of who the app's potential users will be and what features they would like to be included. Thanks again!
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2022.01.25 08:37 manguito86 Precisamos falar da formação do FC Porto

Foram anos e anos a exaltar a formação do Benfica. Aposta e desenvolvimento de jovens talentos, com destaque especial para um João Félix que foi determinante no título nacional de 2018/19 e, depois, acabou vendido por astronômicos (e exagerados) 120 milhões de euros.

Entre sucessos e insucessos, os encarnados, com uma boa ajuda da Comunicação Social, que muitas vezes embelezou, difundiu e pressionou demasiado nomes que necessitavam de maior tempo de maturação, tiveram uma justa e merecida distinção.

Também não é novidade que o Sporting de Rúben de Amorim tem saltado os olhos com o trabalho feito em casa. Um "risco" calculado. Depois de Gonçalo Inácio, Nuno Mendes e Matheus Nunes, agora é vez de Nazinho, Dário Essugo e Geny Catano, entre outros, ganharem espaço.

Os leões continuam alta, mas quem, de fato, está na ribalta hoje é o FC Porto. Um "hoje" que, na verdade, é proveniente de um longo e árduo processo, com Sérgio Conceição, dono de uma estratégia muito bem definida, várias vezes a ser massacrado injustamente pelos críticos.

Os dragões lideram a Liga com "moleques" já consolidados. Diogo Costa destronou Marchesín. Já não podemos dizer que João Mário está improvisado na lateral direita. Após um necessário "banho de banco de reserva", Vitinha e Fábio Vieira assumiram preponderância e têm jogado com personalidade de veteranos. Já Francisco Conceição sempre que pode aproveita as brechas num ataque concorrido.

A melhor e mais organizada equipe do futebol português da atualidade tem Luis Díaz como maestro indiscutível, mas baila com toques intensos da formação. O melhor FC Porto da "Era Conceição" brilha como e com o fogo de jovens endiabrados.
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2022.01.25 08:37 geekygandalf Circular Reasoning in PM Solutions

Circular Reasoning in PM Solutions
Isn't this a circular argument? I don't think this should have been approved.
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2022.01.25 08:37 sebastiensikorski test

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2022.01.25 08:37 Kilvo Merlin Heritage 97 Box Break

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2022.01.25 08:37 metalogica Unable to claim bridged tokens

Unable to claim bridged tokens Swapped some BNB on my Metamask wallet connected to the BSC main net to ONE on my Harmony Wallet.
I received my ONE token topup, but the wrapped BNB never showed up in my Metamask wallet.
I switched metmask to the Harmony Main wallet and added the wrapped BNB token contract address as a custom asset, but I don't see anything.
Am I missing something?
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2022.01.25 08:37 ClarissaValeska Are there any other good Dnd Streams to try? I`m just not into Critical Role anymore.

Okay, so, I don`t want to seem like the edgy 'oh you don`t like this and this?' person. Not at all, but I've been a massive DnD fan for years now, ever since I was 16 (so about 5 years - 6 years now). I`ve just started DMing, and want to watch some great streams to get some ideas on how I could do it. Only problem is, I can`t find any long running good streams.
Like most people I know, I started out on Critical Role, but I never really got into it, with the exception of Exandria Unlimited. I can`t stand the most recent season, and I just don`t enjoy the amount of apparent cliches I find from earlier seasons. I watched all of Vox Machina and about three quarters of Mighty Nein, and it ended up with me just putting it in the background and focusing on other things, such as playing Baldur`s Gate 3. It got boring, and the stream numbers of season 3 show it if you don`t believe it. I don`t think that Critical Role sucks, or that Matt Mercer can`t DM. Not at all, I just don`t really enjoy it anymore.
I adored the early episodes of the Oxventurer's Guild, but found that the same characters became a drag after so long. In the same way Critical Role became dry and just....meh the longer it went on, and more outside popularity it got (Look at the new show, which is okay in my books), Oxventure just got less enjoyable. I never really got into a lot of the smaller series, such as Rybonator's streams or A Filthy Questline, and as much as adore Dimension 20, I don`t have the money to afford the sub and have seen every video on their Youtube Channel. The short running series such as Battle for Beyond are great, so are there any like that you can recommend me?
Critical Role just got too big for me, too...clouty? Idk if that`s the right word, perhaps overrated is better. And everything else just doesn`t have the polish and accessibility of Dimension 20. So any recommendations would be amazing.
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2022.01.25 08:37 BlomeR_Bae 🦶(I’m sorry I know I’m not okay all I want is to be loved)

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2022.01.25 08:37 Mynameallan8 Surviving has become so f***** hard.

Just posting here because I am so fucking pissed right now. I can't take it anymore. My gf and I have been looking for a place to rent for 2 weeks and it is a nightmare. Rent price has skyrocketed these past years and now, even with me working full time, my gf working full time, we are not even able to afford a fucking one room appartment where we live. For context, we both live in the crappiest country in europe that is france. My gf, her daughter and i moved here one year and a half ago from Spain after the first confinement because we were going to be homeless, so i found a job in france and we moved in a matter of a weekend. Arriving here we were forced to rent an airbnb then when we had no more money go to a monastery for hospice, hospice we had to pay. Then we found our actual house, lost in the fucking middle of nowhere, 2 bedrooms, quite spacious, but 750 euros a month and 200 euros electricity and water. Its been two weeks theres a huge leak and we had to move all our kitchen upstairs in our bedroom. We've been looking to rent elsewhere because we don't have the sufficient money anymore to stay and because we can't fucking live walking in water but come on...... the best landlords let us rent are one rooms appartment of approximately 20 to 25 meters square in sketchy areas.. for about 800 eurosa month!!!... we have a little 7 years old girl! Wtf! The best rent agencies let us rent are the same!! We have no furniture so they ask us 2 months rent to get in most of the places!! And to pay the first month! And to pay the agencies fees!! That makes it approximately 3000 euros to pay just to get in most of the fucking 25 meters square appartments!! How in the hell are we supposed to do?!?!? We are working people, we want to get out of this shit, we dont even live above our means!!! We eat one fucking dish a day! Food is so expensive! I bought 3 days worth of groceries 3 days ago and it costed me 96 euros!?!? And what the fuck about the gasoline?!! 1.70 euros the liter!! How the hell do they want us to survive??!! Its an honest question?? Maybe we're just dumb motherfuckers too stupid to survive?? I had to pay my landlord two weeks ago, but im not going to, we can't live in sewage water and fuck her and all the other landlords, i dont give a shit about the mortgage you took and that we pay! I can't even survive and my family is going first
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2022.01.25 08:37 mateowilliam White House to enter crypto regulation fray, with eye on financial stability

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2022.01.25 08:37 gamersecret2 ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Trinity OC 8GB GDDR6X Gaming Graphics Card, for $1,049.99

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2022.01.25 08:37 Djstackz12 Worth using the green skill protection ticket?

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