I think I may have depression and my mom doesn't really understand it and I don't know what to do.

2022.01.25 08:13 x0ZK0x I think I may have depression and my mom doesn't really understand it and I don't know what to do.

Its my first post here And I am not sure this is the right tag, but I Hope IT doesnt bother the mods too much. And English isnt my first language, so I am really sorry for any Grammatical or Logical mistakes but as of right now I am in school, and kinda in a hurry.
But, to start with some context, I Am 17 as of now, and a year ago my parents divorced. The divorce itself didn't affect me much, but my parents reaction did. I had to comfort my emotionaly unstable dad, and listen to my mom's rants about my dad. They also tried to manipulate me against eachother sometimes, especially my dad, but I tried to ignore it. I also have a big Brother but he doesnt seem to get my problems, and often starts to talk about his own. I wont get into much details, but I think I may have Depression. And my mom Who lives with me doesnt really understand it. I tried to explain to her, but she talked about her instead and her friends, and since I am used to it I listened, I rarely ever talked back to her either beacause I was afraid she would hit me, (playfully, still, and not very hard, but when she tells me She will hit me I flinch a little bit bc I know she is able to do it). She tells me she wants an honest relationship with me, but I think it's only because she lives with me and she wants to have someone to talk to. I feel conflicted about it as she didn't cared before (I was neglected by my parents, at least I felt that way) but I am suppose to care about her now? Whenever We discuss something she tells me this is her point of view, and is like "Well, I see this way" and dosregards my point of view? Is this egocentric or am I ungratful?
A few days ago I also finally Opened up to her about it, that I have suicidal thoughts, I cant concentrate on schoolwork, I dont sleep well, I either Overeat or dont eat at all. That I isolate myself from others. I lost interest in drawing anymore, and I have this feeling of numbness that is not fading away, only getting worse with time. And all she had to said to me is that she also had those when she was my Age. And that she thinks I am just having a teenage crisis, that the kids of her friends also have IT but they are 13-14 year old. And this morning she told me I should just get to work.
In the past she also told me she would try to arrange things in a way so that I will live by myself, (by the time I turn 18). And I think It made me understand she really doesnt want me around. In the future after I get therapy, which I Hope to get started on sometime soon, (As I Had to organise and find it myself). To seperate from her and find my own way to set boundaries with her, but I after I move out I think I will cut contact with her, for some time I think. Or maybe I am over reacting, Idk, but I just dont feel Safe with her, knowing that I will get yelled at sometimes minor things. (she screams at me sometimes because I have a sour face and when I make that face It means I dont want to go to school). I Am very sorry its not very coherent, but I am just not processing things that well.
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2022.01.25 08:13 TakDjiang My Foto Album and drawing NFT

Kindly visit my link please Appreciate and Thanks a lot.. 🙏 https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963/62561646624270241751309155805545973524032252409309184473351572991437311049828/
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2022.01.25 08:13 El_Huervo 🔥FREE MULTI NFT GIVEAWAY 🔥 UPVTE & DROP WALLET 😻Combine NFT to Create a Unique Catipede 😽

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2022.01.25 08:13 Yao__Guai Gaming with the wife and we got perfect quest locations.

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2022.01.25 08:13 Vaclavus V Istanbulu kvůli COVIDU bohužel bez sektoru hostí

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2022.01.25 08:13 MikiAkaGaspo Had three cartoon portraits of my car made, I’m hanging them on my bedroom wall

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2022.01.25 08:13 Ok-Success8961 To kegel or not to kegel??

I am exactly 19 days postpartum and healing ok, at least I think so? (Nothing to compare this to really is there??) I did kegels like crazy before birth because I was told it’s beneficial to have a strong pelvic floor, how ever due to my baby being born breech I was forced to purple push on my back and now I’m not even sure I have a pelvic floor left lol. The first week after birth was the worst, I really hated the heavy feeling I had down there. I haven’t peed myself which I guess is positive but when peeing I have a really hard time to stop mid pee which also makes me feel very weak. I just want to start recovering my pelvic floor ASAP but I’ve just learned from a podcast that some of us actually might make it WORSE from doing kegels?? And that instead we should learn to relax the diaphragm or something. From what I understood this is relatively new science, and my health care practitioner says kegels is the only way so I don’t know what to think and I can’t afford a private pelvic floor specialist at the moment, not even sure there are such practices in my country. Anybody familiar with this and can explain it to me? Or recommend some website/youtuber that goes more into depth of pelvic floor healing? Thanks in advance 🙏
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2022.01.25 08:13 theapu [Poem] Hour After Hour, Day After Day. Poem by Rosalia de Castro

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2022.01.25 08:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [SY] - Cartoonist Raed Khalil wins Polish Geological Institute’s award | SANA

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2022.01.25 08:13 jinsoulfeen What celebrity do you think has the most tragic backstory?

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2022.01.25 08:13 thestateyourein Oh the frigid Saturday morn of last, in the wee and early hours, I tookeh this photochrome

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2022.01.25 08:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - GFriend’s Yuju launches her solo career with album Rec., and the Korean singer is ready to be the star of her own show | South China Morning Post

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2022.01.25 08:13 EuSouEu_69 when nazbols no more

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2022.01.25 08:13 monkeyofthefunk Facebook is still tracking me!!

I’ve been blocking tracking requests on my iPhone 13 Pro Max and denied all previous tracking requests before turning on the automatic denial option.
Recently Facebook has been showing me ads that are linked to my searches through Safari.
Why is this still happening if I’ve denied tracking for Facebook?
Has anybody else had this issue?
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2022.01.25 08:13 hot_fluke 🐕 Shiba MetaDoggy (SHIBAMTD/BNB)🐕

🚀 Fair launch / No dev tokens / Regular treasury buy backs 🚀

1% Reversed to Institute for Reptilian Prostate Cancer Research

Listing Platform in the Works

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We are hosting daily giveaways for the most active member of our community, we want to give everyone a chance to win, so don't miss the chance and have fun with us.

💰Multiple Competitions💰

Competitions are and will be a very important aspect of our community, it will make sure engagement stays high and people receive rewards for it. Multiple prizes will be given and will only benefit all of us. We want to have a community that perceives $CG as their token and feels proud of owning it.


⭕️ Circulating Supply: 1B tokens.
💝 1% Reflections
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🍌 Slippage: 9%

🐳Anti Whale System in place

Max wallet 1%(10million tokens)

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♻️ Daily Updates from the developers on the ongoing of the project to make sure investors are always updated with the ongoing situation

❌ No Dev. Wallet

🔒 Liquidity Locked https://deeplock.io/lock/0x545AB772A7faa1C97779e50e3F2Ab7F8c8d9961A

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CMS rotation

Coinsniper, Coinvote, Coinhunter

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Frequent raids with giveaways

CG/CMC application as soon as volume is enough

Dedicated marketing wallet for DEXTOOLS and POOCOIN promotion

2 audit options
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2022.01.25 08:13 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - Coffee + cacophony: why is the music so deafeningly loud at some cafes and restaurants, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner? | South China Morning Post

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2022.01.25 08:13 SouthernBid5351 Ooze pen flashing 10 times

I just got this pen yesterday and after getting a few good rips it lit up red, no problem I thought, and plugged it in. The pen then turned green and blinked 10 times, I googled this and it said my pen was dead. I left it on the charger but usually, the green light stays on when charging, I've tried other micro USB's, same thing. Am I Dumb or something?
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2022.01.25 08:13 North_Psychology4543 Doug Meme #1

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2022.01.25 08:13 WoonieVerse 220125 [ENHYPEN Twitter]: ENHYPEN to guest at tonight 9PM(KST)

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2022.01.25 08:13 thisisme1995433 Getting guilt ritten easily

Something I hate about myself is how easily I am talked into feeling guilty, I don't like to feel selfish or be selfish in anyway. But everytime I do something for my own benifit or reject some request from someone I feel awful even if I know I have all the right to do so. It makes me feel like a jerk.
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2022.01.25 08:13 throwawayventors [Chat]F19 vent

I need someone who want listen to me vent and give me some advice on stuff :(
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2022.01.25 08:13 Due_Particular7402 My boyfriend doesn't want to talk about our problems/fights and has been ignoring me for 3 days

My boyfriend and I are both in our 20s. We've been together 1.5 years. We fight a lot. Most of the time I have a hard time understanding how we even end up fighting and neither one of us can remember what it was about a couple days later.
But when we do get into some more serious issues he always leaves because he's got enough stress in his life and our relationship is supposed to be his happy place. I've told him that the way I need to deal with problems or fights is to talk it through and find a solution or a way to make things better. He on the other hand wants to ignore everything, come back a little later and then everything is fine to him. Although this doesn't stop him from starting discussions about issues we're having - it just means he's gonna leave right after bringing it up.
It's now been 3 days since he told me he's done talking for now (after he got mad at me for asking the same question twice - something he hates and I try not to do). I want to respect his way of dealing with things but at the same time it's very hard on me and it's been happening too much lately.
I feel like he doesn't understand how much he hurts me unless I visibly show him (crying, not being able to get out of bed etc.). Telling him how I feel just makes him mad because he feels hurt too (meaning it's not just me feeling hurt and anything he's done to me, he says I've already done to him). But when I couldn't hold back my tears for several days last week, he became the most caring and sweet guy. He does try but not for very long. It's all very confusing and it's messing with my head. I honestly think that I am doing something wrong, but I have to admit I can't figure it out. My boyfriend won't tell me either because he thinks you should never change a person and it's "just the way I am". He will tell me things like I'm difficult, have a big ego and get upset about little things. Although when I ask him about how or in which situations or for an example, he can't specify anything.
I really want to have a good and healthy relationship. I just don't know how I should cope when he ignores me for days and then he comes back feeling fine while I still feel like shit.
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2022.01.25 08:13 gigaguns Italian true crime podcasta - LIST

If anyone has some recommendations, feel free to post in comments or as an post.
Demoni urbani All the most beautiful cities in the world have a heart of darkness. In each episode of Urban Demons, conducted by Francesco Migliaccio, a chilling and surprising criminal story, one of the most evocative streets that accompany our daily life. Retracing them will no longer be the same.
Language spoken: Italian
La città dei vivi Nicola Lagioia leads us through the dark streets of the Eternal City, to an anonymous apartment in the Roman suburbs, where on March 4, 2016, 23-year-old Luca Varani is killed. A crime without a motive, similar to a ritual murder, to a sacrifice. It is an investigation into evil, responsibility, guilt, the short distance that separates us all from a murderer.
Language spoken: Italian
I dossier del mistero You are about to meet a mystery investigator. Take a seat in his living room, sit in a comfortable armchair by the fireplace, surrounded by the old and dusty shelves of his huge library, pour yourself a cup of tea and get ready to hear some of the most incredible stories that really happened, as fascinating as they are inexplicable.
Language spoken: Italian
Dark Souls (True horror stories, stories of monsters who live among us, stories of notorious serial killers written and told by journalist Massimiliano Jattoni Dall'Asén .)
Language spoken: Italian
Crime & Comedy Two comedians, fans of Crime and Serial Killer have decided to talk about it seriously ... or almost: Clara Campi and Marco Champier talk about the most surprising cases of True Crime, the most brutal Serial Killers and other funny things. Every Sunday morning a new Podcast or, if you prefer to see, a new video on YouTube, so you can start the day of momentum and have breakfast with baiocchi while listening to talk of murdered deaths.
Language spoken: Italian
Direful Tales Unsolved mysteries & heinous murders are the main themes of Direful Tales.
Language spoken: Italian
Dpen Crimini We will tell in detail some of the most famous and famous Italian crimes whose reconstruction, even after years, is still not clear. We will try to clarify the most chilling reconstructions of murders that have shocked Italian public opinion. In all these crimes the culprit did not confess and there is no absolute certainty of the guilt of the suspects. Dpen Crimini wants to investigate the darkest depths of the human soul.
Language spoken: Italian

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2022.01.25 08:13 Sicorax I'm trying to live as an extrovert

Here's the situation I've always wanted to be an extrovert, and at some point I think I was one when I was less self-aware as a kid (I'm French, 25 years old, M)
This last year, I tried really hard to develop my social skills and sometimes, it really work and I capt everyone attention and I can't stop myself (best feeling ever) But other times I just shut myself and can't talk for the entire day (I feel the worst and even days after I'm down)
I'm at a weird point in my life. I graduated from law school with excellent result, and I'm now working at Paris in a really good job when I have to do legal training in front of class full of workers with high qualification (equal high expectation)
And I'm stressing out. I don't know if an INTP can do that, if I can do that. It's what I want, I always dreamed of being a lawyer (I'm getting there), to be the one who will shine in public with my intellect and complex sentences. I want to touch people with my reflexion, to inspire them. But I'm surrounded by doubt and introspection, I'm scared
Can someone relate to this? I would have dreamed to be an ENTP. I'm really intelligent and I feel like it's a waste if I'm not sharing it with others
How can I do that? I try to talk alone and not think too much. I force myself everytime, always working hard...I even try to change myself and my perception of the world to influence myself, to be a better version of me (I read philosophy to help me in this path)
My life kind of exceed me sometimes
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2022.01.25 08:13 User_0001_0001 Links staat voor een keuze: het bundelen van krachten of verdeeld ten onder gaan

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