I heard that a reboot was in the works so I started rewatching the series. I decided to make a diorama of the Battle for Mars. I made a video of the whole process if anyone is interested. Link in the comments.

2021.11.29 11:00 brakiri I heard that a reboot was in the works so I started rewatching the series. I decided to make a diorama of the Battle for Mars. I made a video of the whole process if anyone is interested. Link in the comments.

I heard that a reboot was in the works so I started rewatching the series. I decided to make a diorama of the Battle for Mars. I made a video of the whole process if anyone is interested. Link in the comments. submitted by brakiri to freemars [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 11:00 sam_official_gadgets Home Smart Gadgets 😎 Smart appliances, latest gadgets| kitchen utensils ...

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2021.11.29 11:00 TakeThyL Halo Infinite: A bad combination

Bad challenges that rely on RNG + made even harder with terrible netcode / tickrate servers.
Come on 343 you can do better then this lmoa
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2021.11.29 11:00 Old_Insect [Homemade] Pig roast

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2021.11.29 11:00 sheidan 🎁[GIVEAWAY] Mutant Ape Yatch Club | $20,000 worth | Upvote this post , as well as join Discord. Links in comments!

🎁[GIVEAWAY] Mutant Ape Yatch Club | $20,000 worth | Upvote this post , as well as join Discord. Links in comments! submitted by sheidan to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 11:00 Capper_dS I’m really confused

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2021.11.29 11:00 John_1404 Mega-Loopunny add 9452 4580 1082

Need help
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2021.11.29 11:00 JustOneDime Remember the Golden Rule when dealing with your suppliers.

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2021.11.29 11:00 TriggerhappyGenji LF: Shiny Zacian and/or Zamacenta

I missed the event.
I can offer:

We can trade over SWSH directly or over Pokemon Bank.
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2021.11.29 11:00 punishedpanda2 Nostalgia is the worst feeling ever and i take active steps against it

For most it feels good because they are reminiscing and as a result feel a sense a bliss while also contrasting with the fact they will never return to such circumstances ever again. The part at the end for me makes the feeling of bliss fall apart too abruptly for my liking and makes me miserable.
The active steps i take is listening to the Tony Hawk game soundtracks often to the point where i forget its the only thing is did from ages 14 to 16 and just appreciate it like any other tune. I also Only watch DreamWorks and Disney movies from my childhood because im not interested in anything else unless somebody makes it sound interesting (very rare). I also scanned most of the comics i have ever drawn and have saved every toy animation and youtube skit on my device that i also watched all of them again and again to the point where they lose their charm. I also see my life as a process and so the idea of having to go deal with past adversaries is very revolting.

Being an awkward mute weirdo (Im extroverted nowadays lol) makes it easy to not care about my school years and i dont really care about what they are up to nowadays as i have no social media and found them all annoying. I also take active steps to learn everything about the 80s and imagine how my life would be there.
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2021.11.29 11:00 IssacStrom In /r/rimworld's opinion, what is the current best auxiliary body harvesting' mod?

There are a passel of them out there, and they all seem to have their quirks and shortfalls.
What I'd really like is the ability to produce cold storage containers for transport of human material, and also to extract bionics and mody modifications for my own nefarious purposes.
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2021.11.29 11:00 Dr_Keter1610 [14M] Call for Singaporeans that wants to chill!

Hello everyone! I'm looking for friends who would be willing to hang out in person after getting to know you on Discord! Sooooo...
Some good things about me would be: I apparently give good advice, I am always open as a listening ear, I am a quick responder most of the time, I am always punctual to meetups, and I never ever ditch someone for no good reason.
On the other hand, some bad things would be: I "talk" a lot (will explain in PMs), I get bored insanely fast, I am VERY clingy, and I can be annoying at times.
My hobbies are studying History and Music, especially the military side of history, and choral works and conducting in Music! I also like politics and PC games. That's about all for me! If you think you want to be my friend, just PM me via Reddit with your Discord tag and I shall add you there! Ages 13-16 only, and located in Singapore :) Thanks everyone! Have a nice day :D
Main: Dr_Keter3930
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2021.11.29 11:00 viradonagota Utilidade pública! Faltou água? Saco plástico!

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2021.11.29 11:00 tanja2301 What if everything had turned out differently ...? Nezuko and Zenitsu as members of the Spiders ... hope you like it🍀

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2021.11.29 11:00 hdsaarjnd Paranoia keeps on coming

And no matter how much i think about i cant make it stop coming i think this must be low intelligence
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2021.11.29 11:00 DMHshadow Never Try to One-Up a Porn Star - Krystyna Hutchinson [17:36]

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2021.11.29 11:00 yellejelle I just woke up from an awful awful dream

I just had a terrible dream. It was about my mother and my brother.
Both my brother (23) and I (25) are adults now, and he lives in a different town, but in my dream we were both living at home.
My mom’s always been an alcoholic, although she’s better these days, and we’re fairly close now. In my dream she was just completely wasted and we were fighting and screaming at eachother. I told her how selfish she is and how she doesn’t think about how she’s effecting her children, etc etc. Most of the dream was just us yelling at eachother and being awful to one another.
Eventually I told her I was leaving and I was taking my brother with me. I went to his room and I found him crying and I asked if he wanted to come with me and he said yes.
I think that’s about as far as the dream got, but it broke my heart to see him there crying. It broke my heart to see my mom that way. She is better now, but there was a real point in our lives in which she was not doing well at all. And for part of that I had moved out and left my brother alone to live with her.
I have a lot of guilt about that, and other things. But I’m sure it was tough on him. I’m scared he resents me for that. As young kids we used to be so close.
I think part of me is also so scared that my mom could go back to that. I hope she never does. I hope everyone in my family is happier than they were back then.
I’m sorry if this weird dream/rant makes no sense. And I’m sorry if this sub isn’t the right place. I just needed to get it off my chest. I don’t even know if I was looking for advice or anything. I just wanted to tell someone.
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2021.11.29 11:00 ch3sterosUnreal 8th army all bombing missions

Hey all, i am looking for some nice pages with writen all bombing missions conducted by 8th army force on west front.
I`ve found only 100th, 482nd, 303rd bombing missions.
I will be apreciated if anyone can help, i want to read more about b17 missions.
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2021.11.29 11:00 TheWizardLizard4 How to get Karlson on Linux?

Hi. I wanted to ask if anyone knows how to install Karlson on a Debian based Linux distribution?
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2021.11.29 11:00 AvatarYang Thesku 490 full auto! (My original)

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2021.11.29 11:00 turtbot the frantic musings of a sadman

It feels like I'm barely hanging on these days. I tell myself I need to let go of her. I need to get her off of my mind. I need to go to the gym and get enough sleep and keep up with my friends and do well at work and-
But then, I find myself staring into space with thoughts of her swirling through my head. Why don't you care anymore? How can you turn off so completely? How can you go from caring to cruel? How can you be so dismissive? Do you not remember the connection we had? Where did my best friend go? Who have you replaced me with? Why does it feel like you lie to me now? Why is it just me that got pushed away? Why can't I stop thinking of you?

I told myself I reached my boundary and let her know I no longer want her in my life. I let her know how terrible she has made me feel these last few months. I'm met with nonchalant responses including "I know I'm being toxic". It isn't as if it changes anything for her. She had already made the decision to cut me out of her life without announcing it.

She doesn't want to take medicine. She says it makes her feel bad. She says she's happiest without it. She says she has avoidant attachment and that's why she is pushing me away. I don't know if it's that, bipolar, or some combination of the two. I simply can't comprehend her anymore. A different person is occupying her body
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2021.11.29 11:00 DMHshadow Why Racing Games Feel Slow [09:15]

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2021.11.29 11:00 M-H-S-S How do You guys feel being around the types that have your blindspot or POLR function as their Dom?

(Unnecessary explanation on why I decided to ask this question. You can absolutely skip this and go straight to the answer part. You probably wouldn't miss anything!)
I've been browsing the different subreddits (including this one) and reading about different stuff, more so how each type perceives those who use their inferior and POLR functions as their dom or aux. And it's been kinda weird xD
For example, ESTPs usually don't vibe a lot with me, which I think is understandable because I can't provide a lot of Se as I have it as my blindspot, So I usually can't match their energy levels ( or maybe it's because we share no cognitive function? Idk. Anyway!). No worries!
But then I read about ENTPs vibing a LOT with (especially) ENFPs and even INFPs even tho in the case of INFP, Fi is literally their dominant function! Some were saying that ENFPs are their partner in crime and absolutely hilarious, and that they would protect and adopt every INFP that they can get their hands on.
Now, of course, everyone is not the same and some ENTPs were saying that these two types were too sensitive for them and they were scared that they would accidentally hurt them so they decided to keep their distance. But some comments and posts were so sweet that they fucking melted my heart T_T
I haven't had the honor of meeting an ENTP in my life so I dunno how it could go. I'd think I'm pretty open-minded (been working on that Ti baby!) and witty myself, am good friends with their introverted counterpart, and I really wouldn't say that I'm sensitive, I actually accidentally come off as cold most of the time. But even then! I don't know how it feels to be around a person whose most important function is your least important function, wouldn't it be frustrating, or exhausting?
I wanted to post this on the ENTP subreddit first because it grabbed my attention, but decided to post it here to gather some general information and experience from other types too! Sooooo... Feel free to share your experiences here! I'd be glad to read them :P
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2021.11.29 11:00 BODIEDnovel Owning stock in human beings: capitalism's next nightmare idea

Why have a stable life based on strong social welfare programs and an easy, steady income when you can turn your whole life into a hustle, right? Funny how all of these zany capitalist solutions only make the problem worse.
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2021.11.29 11:00 dixiye A weird issue with a boot nvme

So my thing is solved first off all, but I wanted to ask if somebody has ever had an issue with this, I left my room for a couple of minutes and when I came back the thing was on a black screen. The screen after post telling you to select boot device, went into bios and found out my nvme wasn't being red for some reason, shut down the pc completely and some of the fans were still off, I power cycled the system and now everything works, but I was wondering if anyone had any idea as to what might have caused this issue. I'm using a b450 aorus pro, with a kingston a2000 ssd and a 550w mwe bronze if this info is useful
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