Why do you fall in love with cannabis enthusiasts?

2021.11.29 12:36 theuniverseIam Why do you fall in love with cannabis enthusiasts?

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2021.11.29 12:36 DocRobertz Port Forwarding, VPN, or both?

I have my digital collection of movies and shows on my NAS that I would like to access when I am not on my home network. The decision I am pondering is whether or not to open ports to allow access to the media. I know port forwarding by itself is no the safest thing to do. I have seen posts and read articles about setting up a VPN for my home network which when accessed would allow the device trying to gain access to believe it is on the network. Then I recently saw a few articles about using port forwarding while having a VPN as the protection, or using some service like Hamachi to handle the things for me. There a lot of options and I am not sure what the safest choice would be. Any suggestions?
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2021.11.29 12:36 universefucker666 Wolf In The Rain

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2021.11.29 12:36 9x4x1 Why silver and gold will prevail: Bitcoin volatility proves that fiat, even decentralized, is not a stable medium of exchange, so bitcoin will never serve as money and remain a speculation class "asset".

Historically well aware of the fate of centralized fiat currencies, sovereigns have their answer to the question can a decentralized fiat currency be used to run a global financial system. Fiat is fiat: decoupled from tangible assets. Electricity and encryption are bells and whistles that don't change the financial identity of a financial medium, just its DNA.
So, the perpetrators of currencies are the number one proponents of a great reset, because they have no other card up their sleeves, except to do the same thing all over again. Hence, reset, not rewire. And reset means relaunching a non-fiat system to first stabilize and then rape the world again.
And that is the financial war: reset vs. rewire
Reset entails securing as much physical gold and silver as possible to launch a new money system to gradually transform into a currency system again. And the resetters plan on doing that as cheaply as possible, smashing PM prices down, as the alternative is independent sovereign executive orders on a global scale that will lead to social and political panic and civil war over gold and silver runs. Good move, Serbia. Good move Singapore. Good move...
Rewire entails refusing paper promises that aren't at least a contract for a specific amount of capital, so in the event of a default there is legal recourse. You can't sue anyone for $100 being worth 50% less in 3 years, but you can sue for not receiving a 5 silver oz monthly payment for the Mercedes you sold.
It's crazy time, which means stack, stacck, stack before PMs are unobtainium.
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2021.11.29 12:36 Skywalker123_ How good would you guys say I am with 3.1 xbow(archers and espirit)? I got 11 wins with it while listening to music and along the way I beat a few egolem players and a few goblin giant sparky players

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2021.11.29 12:36 bigmooselilluck Venting/need advice/idk

This is my first time posting here, and I think I need to get advice/vent etc. not really sure what I want to accomplish with this post other than be validated.
My mom, dad, and grandpa came for thanksgiving this year. They were meeting my fiancé’s family for the first time (his family lives close, I talk to FMIL every day just about, and we all get along great). My mom is always difficult to know how she will react to things and I never know what I’m going to get. Wednesday we did a little “meet and greet”, and had dinner at in laws house. I thought it went great, surprised FMIL and my mom with birthday cakes, etc. my mom got up in the middle of a conversation saying she was going home to my place. I came into my room and she was crying and saying “she just missed me”. Fine, that’s understandable, I consoled her and we moved on.
Come thanksgiving day, I was hosting 11 people so I was stressed. I asked that I just be in the kitchen alone (I love to cook but it’s not helpful o have people in my space) and she complied. After thanksgiving dinner, I went into the room she was staying in to see her again bawling. I was so confused, but honestly annoyed bc she had been distant all day, wasn’t engaging in conversation, left our place multiple times to go outside and take a walk during the middle of dinner. She said she was crying bc “she was watching another family thanksgiving, loosing me as a daughter, and no one asked her questions, and I didn’t allow her to help. I thought I was being nice to treat her as a guest and not ask her to help. I guess not. She said she was going to change her flight to earlier because she didn’t feel like she belonged. I felt awful, cried, and apologized. I still fell awful although I know I did nothing.
Anyways this isn’t the first time stuff like this happens it’s quite a pattern with my mom. She does things like this all the time where she disengages during a conversation is always on Facebook etc. but then when someone doesn’t engage her she gets really upset. I also have to know that she is quite the narcissist and has done things like gaslight me, denied abuse in our past, and is one of those people that if they are not having a good time no one else around them can have a good time. She never asked about me, my partner, our wedding, but had a lot of opinions on our life. Anyways, thanks for reading if you got this far. Am I overreacting?
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2021.11.29 12:36 bolonaro2018 Até o gado tá acordando

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2021.11.29 12:36 FrothyGuinness Laughs in garlic bread

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2021.11.29 12:36 Frodup Nosebleed?

Hey y’all...last night I had a dream about a job that I have been going back and forth with myself on whether I should work there or not because I’m an entrepreneur and it may get in the way of my own endeavors . I went in, and I told the manager that I couldn’t work there and then afterwards my nose started bleeding. I’m really not sure what it could mean or if that’s a positive or negative thing. Do y’all have any idea?
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2021.11.29 12:36 Adrey_ Should see me out of them

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2021.11.29 12:36 Glass_Two_345 NJOY BSC Token 💎 | Adult Streaming Platform & Adult NFT Marketplace | 663K Market Cap| 2 months old| Staking option is live | 311 holders | HUGE NEWS IS COMING | The real project with the transparent team and great Community ❤️ Dext Score: 97 🎩

NJOY project is developing top-quality platforms for adult content. Our plans include building two platforms: an Adult streaming platform and a marketplace for non-fungible tokens.
Adult Platform will provide the ability for our content creators to host their own individual profiles, in which they will be able to offer premium content such as images, videos, and any vetted merchandise. They will also have the ability to stream live content and interact with their viewers via live chat and more.
NFT Platform will be created as an exclusive NFT marketplace only for adult content. Due to the strict copyright nature of adult content, a strict vetting process will be in place to ensure only original content is approved for minting and selling in our marketplace. We are looking to revolutionize how adult material is integrated into the current existing NFT marketplace and partner with major powerhouses in the industry to distribute their talents personal NDT art.
Tech info:

Contract: 0x299899a16df8a7bcddd176913737f19782958c76
Official Platforms
Telegram: https://t.me/NJOYbsc
Website: https://njoy.finance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/njoybsc?s=21
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/NJOY/
Medium: https://medium.com/@njoybsc
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2021.11.29 12:36 jobsinanywhere Particular Audience takes in $7.5M to give retailers way to take on Amazon – TechCrunch

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2021.11.29 12:36 dearcrushed Another "Boring Journaler" post: These days I stick with walls of text and the occasional character doodle, with some moody navel-gazing thrown in for fun.

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2021.11.29 12:36 EscapePretend1330 MESSAGGIO DI SDOGANAMENTO DA DHL AIRLINES, aiuto cosa mi conviene fare?

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2021.11.29 12:36 alisisok2 How tall are y'all?

I'm 5'1
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2021.11.29 12:36 BrainstormBot 🌏 Southern Sumatra, Indonesia: Gempa bumi - Earthquake (4.6 M, at 15:25 UTC, from www.seismicportal.eu)

🌒 Gempa bumi! Earthquake! 4.6 M, registered by DJA, 2021-11-29 15:25:44 UTC (crescent moon), Muara Siberut, Indonesia (-1.24, 99.76) likely felt 110 km away (in Padang, Pariaman, Padang Panjang…) by 1.2 million people (www.seismicportal.eu)
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2021.11.29 12:36 Julkesh Can I play with only DVD

So I have a DVD of Overwatch and I played overwatch like 2-3 years ago. Now I wanted to play the game again but I forgot my credentials. If I download the game from the CD, will I be able to get back on my account? Thanks for answers.
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2021.11.29 12:36 bluezombiehead Hex theme/modding for One UI 4?

Does Hex work for One UI as of now?
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2021.11.29 12:36 kumgangmt_best Chosen Soren Kumgangsan Opera Troupe proceeds with a variety of provincial performances this meaningful year.

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2021.11.29 12:36 Background_Ad_4119 Always double down, no matter what

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2021.11.29 12:36 Hot_Statistician9467 i am smoooort

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2021.11.29 12:36 Gumball8042 fredo - Jit Rah

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2021.11.29 12:36 Batwaffel Ben Aylon "Cyber Monday Bundle" 8 sample packs from the One Man Tribe samples catalog ($24) for limited time

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2021.11.29 12:36 pacmac07070221 Why can’t I buy more Saitama on CB wallet? It won’t let me convert ETH to Saitama or Saitama to ETH?

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2021.11.29 12:36 yoyoyoyoy5 Join the T3/3N L3/4KS H0T Discord Server!

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