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My Nightmare with TCL Pakistan

2021.11.29 12:51 Brutalfrost My Nightmare with TCL Pakistan

TLDR at the end.
Not sure if this is appropriate for this sub, but I've exhausted every avenue, including other social media, and I've gotten little traction. Probably cause I wrote too much, basically I don't know where else I can ask for help, or atleast spread my story so others can be wary. It started off with a simple warranty claim to TCL as my TCL TV started having light lines on the panel. This was on October 13th, since then facing an absolute nightmare dealing with TCL after sales for almost the past 2 months.
Few days after the complaint they pickup the LED, charging me 1k for delivery and on the 20th of October they return It claiming the issue to be fixed, however the problem was still there and they basically sent it back untouched. I point it out, and they take it back with them, they tell me the panel needs to be changed and it'll have to go to lahore and will take 10 days(I reside in Karachi). While I'm being told that it's being sent to lahore the guy brings the LED back a couple days later and surprisingly the panel line issue is fixed. After further inspection though there were new dead pixels on the panel, at this point its apparent TCL conducts no quality tests before sending TVs back from repair. I complain to them again, they first tell me I'll have to pay the 1k again for delivery, but after a bit of arguing they pick up the LED on the 25th of Oct, third time I'm told it'll be sent to lahore for a panel change and will take 10-14 days.
At this point TCL have basically already wasted 2 weeks, to avoid sending the TV for a panel change, when it was a panel issue from the get go. Assurance of "maximum" time frame
7 days goby since they've sent the TV to lahore I call them up to check in they assure me It'll be repaired by the end of the week, the end of the week comes around they tell me the allotted time was 15 days and to "please wait". Finally on Nov 10th they tell me the panel has been replaced and it has been dispatched for karachi and I will receive it in 2-3 days, and they'll have it delivered to me on Monday. Monday comes around i dont get the TV and I'm getting no response on chat or the helpline. I call them up again on Tuesday and now I'm being told the TV is actually STILL IN LAHORE and has practically been sitting untouched for the past 20+ DAYS as they don't have the replacement panel and they're waiting on a shipment from China for the panel.
At this point I'm furious as they've been straight up lying to me, I ask to speak to a higher up they forward me to Supervisor Marium in the Lahore head office she tells me it was a "misunderstanding" and they haven't received their shipment from China and asks me to wait till the 19th and if the TV isn't repaired by then they'll send me a replacement. 19th comes around she tells me the TV has been repaired and has been dispatched and I will receive it on the 22nd or 23rd. By the 23rd I still haven't gotten the TV, they tell me its due to TCS delays and I will receive it the next day. Finally on the 24th I ask them about it again, again supervisor Marium tells me I will receive it today and that she has already spoken to the Karachi service center, and they'll have it delivered today. By the end of the day I still haven't received the TV and I call them up again supervisor Marium is "unavailable" at this point, and I ask the support representative to atleast get me a call from the karachi service center. 15 minutes later I get a call and they tell me they have been testing the LED and it's having some issues and they're going to be overnighting it back to LAHORE. Surprise surprise it actually wasn't overnighted back and they lied to me. (again!) It is now the 29th Of Nov, been 5 days since they've shipped it back and they haven't even received it to start working on it. I can't get into contact with any supervisor anymore they're always "unavailable" they keep making me hold on the helpline for 10 plus minutes and randomly end the call.
They've had my TV since the 15th of Oct and now its the 29th of Nov almost 50 whole days
I am extremely tired of constantly running after them, and calling them up again and again, being told the same corporate stuff by their representatives. It's beyond me on how a multinational and supposed best selling global TV brand can have such bad customer support. They clearly do not care about the Pakistani market as problems with support is a running theme with them in Pakistan. They have no problem lying, making a mockery and wasting time of their customers, at the moment I can't do anything besides advise and warn others against buying products from this company, so you don't have to go through a similar nightmare I've been dealing with.
I've tried getting in touch with them on social media, including the global accounts, tried emailing them and calling them, to no avail. There's absolutely no accountability with companies here in Pakistan. Is there anything else I can do? Someone advised going to consumer courts, but will it actually accomplish anything and is it worth it over an 80k TV, do i actually have a case?
TLDR: TCL has been lying through their teeth for 50 days and they've held my 80k TV hostage with no further response. Any course of action i can take?
Bonus: My call log with TCL during the whole fiasco Sadly don't have any calls recorded barring one
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2021.11.29 12:51 lamp19 Kendall Roy fan art I designed (Adobe Photoshop, 2021)

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2021.11.29 12:51 damnhopeless My trusty LB of 15 years is retiring at the end of this season. 450 league games, 8 PL titles and 3 Champions Leagues later. True legend!

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2021.11.29 12:51 Ignusia World's Largest Decentralized Autonomous Organization is now live!

✨VIRALCOIN invented the first ever Fair Balanced Launch (FBL). The FBL optimizes the liquidity pool on every buy from the ViralVault until all ViralCoin has been minted. Rewards and auto-redistribution will be sent on every buy to all holders! Everyone has an equal chance to buy at a Fair Price and watch their balance increase.
🔥Tokenomics :
✅ViralCoin is blockchain agnostic, and will run on many networks until the max total supply has been reached
✅Price starts and is balanced at $0.00001 or less until the ViralVault is empty.
✅Anyone can buy or sell Viral with most popular available tokens. To get the best rate with the least amount of gas and slippage, use USDC.
✅Global Holder Re-distributed: 3% is sent to all pre-existing holders weighted by the % of the total circulation they hold, excluding the Team Wallet, which receives a separate 1%.
✅Referrer: 1% is sent to the referrer of every buy. If you someone does not have a referrer, or if someone tries to refer themself, the 1% will be given to the ViralCoin team wallet.

- https://t.me/viralcoindotcom
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What yall thinking about Pickle Punks?
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2021.11.29 12:51 Ameliaa_71 Ignoring me after breakup

So i broke up with this guy via text ( he was not in our city) because of lack of communication between us And he left me on seen and never replied again i tried reaching out to him texts calls nothing worked he just sees my messages and never reply or pick the call . It really confuses me as i wanted to break up in good terms So i really wanted to know ur opinion about it? Why would he do that ? I just asked him after he ignored me for "goodbye,take care" and i'll leave him alone and he didn't reply at all .
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2021.11.29 12:51 Rider_of_Time Out of curiosity, how much would you guys say a ‘95 1200 Daytona with only 5k miles is worth? (Recently serviced and rebuilt carbs)

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2021.11.29 12:51 Slight-Refrigerator ACC Paul Ricard

Why does nobody race Paul ricard on online servers?
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2021.11.29 12:51 AgGodThanos Qsm esports sucht top und mid laner ab dia

Hallo Community,
wie oben schon beschrieben sind wir derzeit auf der Suche nach neuen Teammitglieder für qsmesports.
Das Team steht unter der Flagge von Qsm esports und wird durch diese auch gefördert und unterstützt.
Derzeit sind wir auf der Suche nach:
- Einem Top Laner und mid laner , im Diamond Bereich
Was ihr von uns erwarten könnt:
- Eine professionelle Organisation (https://qsmesports.de//)
- Ein Vorstand, der sich um das Team kümmert
- Eigenen Discord
- Improvement im Vordergrund
- Regelmäßige Turniere + Scrims
- Respektvollen Umgang miteinander
- Ein sehr Nettes Team
Was wir von Dir erwarten:
- Erfahrung in der oben genannten Rolle
- Keine OTP's
- Den Willen sich zu verbessern und zu lernen
- Offen sein für neues
- Ernsthaftigkeit innerhalb des Trainings
- Einen leeren Terminkalender mitbringen
Es wird ein Team aufgebaut, welches an Turnieren teilnehmen wird, darunter auch die Primeleague. Deshalb suchen wir Mitglieder, die auch langfristig im Team bestehen bleiben.
Wenn deine Interesse geweckt wurde und du gerne noch mehr erfahren möchtest, dann kannst du mich gerne anschreiben.
Add ing: JuiceJuice
Oder bei DC :Nico#9213
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2021.11.29 12:51 daniinad Has anyone used BTK liquid to kill fungus gnats?

Has anyone used BTK liquid to kill fungus gnats? I was given a bottle of BTK to kill fungus gnats, the man in the nursery who gave me this said to mix it in water and give my plants a regular watering with the mix to kill the bugs. I was impressed that it killed a bunch of nasty centipedes and some other freak insects hiding in the soil in one particular plant. DAMN CROTON!
Anyone else have success with this product? Did you pour it in the soil or did you mist your plants with the mixture in a spray bottle?

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2021.11.29 12:51 aprosbro Dryan Branielson on regular ass jobs: “Normal people have a job and they buy houses, they think it’s guaranteed money....both times I was fired [by WWE] shortly after buying a new car......All of a sudden you have to get another job like an adult.”

I dont work there anymore but they stop paying me? I didn't save any of my money, I thought my completely niche employment in an injury prone industry based on the whims of a shrinking fanbase would guarantee me making 6 figures until I retire.
They only pay you for 90 days after you don't work there anymore, I mean that's vastly longer than most people get severance and longer than most Americans have reserve savings to cover their bills, but fuck it I'm special. I'm an underwear actor I'm not supposed to look at employment with a mature, adult sensibility.
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2021.11.29 12:51 JahsehOnfries Best places to buy affordable jerseys?

With Christmas coming up I want to know where to buy the best jerseys retro or present for below 100$. Any suggestions help!
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