GMGI On the Move

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2021.11.29 12:12 Pyro2021 GMGI On the Move

GMGI Golden Marix Group, UP over +12% at $8 and very alive!
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2021.11.29 12:12 sulfate4 Looking for an ultra low power consuming budget computer to run pfSense, Home Assistant, NextCloud. Any suggestions (especially for cyber Monday)

Hey all, in trying to step up my home server game. I currently have a micro pc which runs home assistant and pihole but I think it's time for an upgrade as I also want to set up pfsense, nextcloud and also possibly more. My network doesn't get too much traffic as there are only 3 users and I have a slower 20mbps internet line. I picked up an asrock J4105M, 8gb ram, ssd, dual nic, some months ago but turns out the motherboard was a dud (amazon warehouse for $40) and unfortunately they don't sell that anymore. Since I already have the ddr 4 ram, 2.5" ssd and pci nic, a ultra low power budget motherboard would be preferred but if there are any suggestions for a compact all in one mini pc...I'm all ears.
Do you guys have a device in mind which would work for me? Something which uses little electricity? I don't mind ordering from AliExpress especially since they have a sale now.
Much appreciated!
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2021.11.29 12:12 war070 Current situation in sri lanka😅 (credit : sasanga kavinda )

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2021.11.29 12:12 Signal-Department-49 Gone too soon

I come from a town where fentanyl kills. Where you can get drugs almost on any corner.. on thanksgiving , my best friend of 12 years , who was also 5 months pregnant died from an overdose. Some will say it’s her fault , she should’ve stopped for her unborn child. But an addicts mind doesn’t think that way.. if your doing these harmful drugs just stop. I lost my brother 8 months ago due to the same reason. It hurts so much losing the people you love. Do yourself and your friends and family a favor and put the drugs down… please
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2021.11.29 12:12 NatureKey1655 free
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2021.11.29 12:12 lifebreak123 Can we play SEA server from steam?

Hello I played on SEA until like 3 years ago from the standalone client, can I log in to my sea server account from steam? Or I need to make separate account?
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2021.11.29 12:12 Classic_Rock_726 Hey everyone! It’s my Cake Day!

I want you to let you know that’s it’s been a year since I started my Reddit account and I want you to thank me and my whole account for this. Happy Cake Day for me!
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2021.11.29 12:12 MavsFanForLife Ran into former cowboys kicker Rafael Septien…

So we were in Cancun a few weeks ago before the Falcons game and we somehow stupidly signed up for a timeshare through the resort we were at (note, never sign up for a timeshare it’s a complete waste of time).
Anyways we’re waiting in the lobby because the guy who’s supposed to be presenting is going to have breakfast with us. We meet the guy and tell him we’re from Texas. He gets all excited and starts showing us his 78 NFC CG and how Jackie smith cost him a SB and how he was the franchises all time leading scorer till Emmitt smith. I had heard of Septian before through learning about cowboys history but I had also remembered there was something controversial about him from reading skip bayless’ book about the Landry cowboys.
Well anyways, we obviously ended up passing on the timeshare (he was a good salesman tbh though) but after leaving the hotel room we googled him and found out he was arrested back in the late 80s for child indecency. Ran into him a few times afterwards and he mentioned how much the cowboys had whooped the Falcons but that was about it.
Anyways just figured sharing in case any of you end up in Cancun at a timeshare you may run into a former cowboy selling to you
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2021.11.29 12:12 reap_colonie Please help with Abyss Seal Land 25-4

Please help with Abyss Seal Land 25-4 So I tried every guide on 25-4 Abyss I could find,s pend about 20k gems in total to prepare and buy tries, but nothing worked out. I need you help guys.
I hope someone here can clear things up for me.

Stats SQH
Which stone for SQH?
Which artifact for SQH?
Stats Ignis
Which stone for Ignis?
Ignis Gear
Cloud Island
Should I switch Starspawns?
Phoenix or Lion?
Guild Tech Priest
Guild Tech Ranger
I tried all this guides:
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2021.11.29 12:12 Doc198831 [Movie Review] Ep. 39 The Cave - Naja Reviews

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2021.11.29 12:12 8hy_rule8 M3 battle pass

Soo you are telling me that buying the prime pass or not and even after grinding we still have to spend dias to get an alternative flashy skin of M3 Roger skin which they never specify in their advertisement or anywhere but just their shitty 'first prime skin available' slogan?????? That's some big asss bulllshit these Devs are lucky that most the players of this game don't live near where they live because if it had been me that let's just say I would have some friendly talk with them about their scammy poor decisions.
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2021.11.29 12:12 Dentistchair I like heather this season

Maybe it’s just because she didn’t get a ton of air time but I found her more tolerable this season. She didn’t cause drama, stood her ground with Christine, didn’t talk a lot about her wedding or being vegan, Tarek was better than I thought and I just think she minded her business and was nice. The scene where she got up to video Vanessa ringing the bell was very sweet to me.
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2021.11.29 12:12 canadiancitizeninfo I applied for teller job online. Would it be appropriate to stop into the bank and introduce myself?

I submitted my application through the Scotiabank website. I know for the first round going through applications, the branch isnt as involved in the selection process.
Is there any merit to going into the bank a s introducing myself to the (assistant) managers ? My application is currently classified as "under consideration" on the website.
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2021.11.29 12:12 La_Hyene911 Alien Sex Fiend - Under The Thunder [Ignore The Dub]

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2021.11.29 12:12 imupallknight Grey Dress

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2021.11.29 12:12 level20mallow 30-year-old soccer player John Fleck collapses on field, sports announcer Trevor Sinclair cut off from live feed for questioning whether his collapse on field was due to the vaccine

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2021.11.29 12:12 Ok_Owl_6912 I just love Simba’s little whiskers 😍

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2021.11.29 12:12 Kermiooo A ghost car

A ghost car
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2021.11.29 12:12 Heyyouuuuuuguys So the cruise scandal is all good now?

Just a quick question to anyone who knows. I understand that at the beginning of this last episode, they were celebrating because the DOJ didn’t believe they’d have much after reviewing all their files (Greg and Tom scrapped all of it in season 1) and felt Ken was overpromising. So that made Tom all happy that he wasn’t going to jail.
But what about who had to go to jail by the end of season 2? Ken was the blood sacrifice, but dodged that by speaking out on his father. How is season 2’s issue resolved, then? You go in to resolve the issue at the end of season 2 by sacrificing yourself, get the finger pointed elsewhere…does the finger not get pointed back at you afterwards or does the DOJ just forget about it because it happened in season 2?
Season 3 has been fixated on Kendall’s evidence vs. his family. What about the evidence from season 2 that had nothing to do with Ken’s ability to provide evidence? Ken’s evidence was a non-factor in season 2 and was compelling enough to get someone at say star in jail…so what the hell is going on? Just a lost plot point?
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2021.11.29 12:12 polila5 Sabeis aproximadamente cuanto tardará en llegar este paquete?

La verdad que lo necesito para antes de año nuevo, creeis que llegará para entonces? me dijeron que lo enviaron por EMS
Processing img ttfhgfudwj281...
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2021.11.29 12:12 ontherok Another POV look at cycling in NYC - my latest ride from Prospect Park to Juliana's Pizza in DUMBO, Brooklyn

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2021.11.29 12:12 lissa105 Coco Bongo-is it worth going to?

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2021.11.29 12:12 ScrapMyFace Notes for myself (2?) (Screenshots and a big theory).

Notes for myself (2?) (Screenshots and a big theory). I rewatched The Walten Files and kinda got the picture of the whole situation (I guess...?).
First, I will show some screenshots that I didn't put in previous post.

Edd and Molly watching Sophie after Boozoo's mini-games:

Bon on the background:

Disorted caretaker (?)
In Sha's mini-game when Sophie enters the garden you can see the animatronic in the distance and Rosemary's face in the foreground.

Missing poster in chicken coop (?)

Now I'll try to "formulate" my theory and mix those thoughts in such way so I won't look at it and question myself something like: "What the hell is wrong with you?".
I don't know why, but my brain is telling me that it doesn't believe in death of Jack Walten. It is quite controversial because the half of me thinks he's still alive and the other that he's actually dead... I've seen someone's theory of Showbear possibly being Jack and maybe that's true. I mean... the devilishly bright grin on both faces may be not a very good proof. So I'll bring up a curious moment:
Showbear watches Sophie playing Bunnyfarm, but appears fully after girl's learning her mothers death. He does not interrupt in any other mini-game and calmly wait until the right time. Addressing Showbear the question: "Who are you?" is leaved unanswered. Quite interesting, makes me wanna sew it with the fact of Felix trying to get rid of any mentions of his friend. So maybe is the reason of no answer is a simple desire to protect Sophie from any kind of danger (if that's Jack, of course)? Remember, Ashley "learned too much" in 07.14.1978 and paid with her life for that (also I think it happened because of noise that Parks was making in depths of the storage and Bon's task is to "protect" his surroundings no matter who stands in his way - ally or any other random person). Showbear accompanies Edd and Molly wherever they go, looks over them from behind. He also watches Sophie in, as it looks for me, parent manner? Don't really know how to explain correctly, maybe in the way of picking his words? (...or maybe it's just me, idk). Carefully and quietly looking over Sophie to not scare her away. And since the half dead Walten family is trying to contact Sophie, wouldn't her dad try to? If dead, then it's possible for Jack Walten to possess this character. I hope you do remember that all of this mess that I write is just a theory, right?
Where is Jack Walten if his not dead?
Nor me, nor you do know. He can be held hostage by Felix Kranken at the basement/backrooms of the Bon's Burgers or hidden at the storage facility K-9 (I mean, why not?). He might be on the run and physically wounded after the argument with Felix (and I can't think that there wouldn't be any kind of fight between them after the car crash), wich could explain why while calling the list of victims Billy signed Jack as dead. Does Felix think that Jack is dead in the second version then? But if Jack is being held hostage, then Felix should know his statement and the poor man is literally dying undenear his place of work, wich makes it even scarier and more messed up than it was before. I think first version is wrong, since Jack Walten is literally watching Bon's Burgers mini raise under the direction of Felix Kranken, but can't do anything... yet. It matches the fact of Felix not knowing where and in which condition is his "friend". And if you have seen (or even did it yourself) your friend being badly injured and running away, it is not hard to assume that he've died, right? (blood loss as the cause).
But what about Bon then?
I have two people to put in to the smelly suit of Bon himself and one angry ghost to possess the animatronic.
In "Bon's Super Sleepover" Bon after seeing missing poster of Jack suddenly turns into Sophie, the only explanation to this that comes to my mind is that Felix is watching her and waiting for a right moment to strike, when she will remember and "learn too much" so he can put her into Bon. In the video "Lucky you" someone (Jack maybe...?) while speaking to Sophie calls her "bunny". I also realised that since Bon is the main character of the animated series and Sophie is the main character of the Walten Files, maybe it crosses somehow? I'm still not very sure about that one... Now that I'm looking at the version with living Jack and this thought... What if Felix actually knows that Jack is alive, but tries his best to hide it away from everyone, and he didn't let Bon kill Rosemary on accident? What if Kranken did it on purpose? For what reason? He did it to catch Jack. Sophie is the last part of Jack's family and if she is so important to Jack, wouldn't he try to save his daughter if something happens to her? (So much clever, you old bastard... I still feel bad for him). It's rather a possibility of Sophie becoming Bon if Felix will get her than being an actual reflexion of Bon.
Let's get to the angry ghost. For a strange reason the fact of Edd being less attracted to Rocket gave me the thought: what IF he can a li-i-ittle control Bon? Yeah, sounds crazy (and I also don't have enough facts to give so...). But who knows?
And now - to the sad but crazy old man. If my mind can produce all of my words above I'll try to explain the case with Felix Kranken. It's freaky to remind myself that he actually was coming to poor Susan to feed her after what he did to her... or it's not even his fault and it was an accident. Maybe that's exactly why he was coming to Woodings - because he felt quilty for what happened. But if he's hunting Jack and uses Rosemary and Sophie as a bait then what kind of mercy does he deserve? I can understand him trying to deal with life, especially after the divorce with Linda (even though I think it's pointless to drown yourself in alchohol in such situation, but who am I to judge), but isn't it too much? And what's the reason of killing innocent people like Charles, Susan, Ashley and Brian? Another add to the term of conviction (if cops will ever find out pffft). Felix regrets that day when he drove Edd and Molly to school, and he's still scared of Jack. But there's nothing he can do with it (or at least that's what he thinks). Just like a rabbit, he is running away from the danger, but doesn't realise that one day he'll face the consequences of his deeds.

Processing img tlgnxsmtsj281...
And this very moment when Sophie meets real Bon in Bunnyfarm makes me think that it's rather Felix mourns for Molly and Edd, every killed person and whatever he's about to do in near future. I feel that maybe, maybe, something might go wrong, not as planned, and Felix will end up becoming Bon. Just like with Sophie, it's only a possibility of Felix becoming Bon.

Oh my God... So, uh... That's all, I guess? I am very intrigued and I really want to see the continuation. I have a lot of thoughts, theories and suppositions. And I'm ready to dig deeper in to the Walten Files for it's the second analog horror that somehow woke my fear that was sleeping for God knows how long!
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2021.11.29 12:12 LORE-above-ALL09 Karen plays the victim after stealing from a kid

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2021.11.29 12:12 TravisWWE12 Elektra Lopez

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